Treat Printables for Disneyland Halloween 2019

Treat Printables for Disneyland Halloween 2019

Once upon an October, a friend wished, "wouldn't it be nice if we had a map, or a trail, of all the Halloween treats at Disneyland... but oh so many!"

We give to you sweet treat printables to accompany you on your way. ENJOY! Let us know what you think on Instagram @disneytreatz. If you want more in depth details, there is the ultimate official foodie guide, and a really great post on churros by @disneyhungry. These well designed single page printables are meant to complement these resources.

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Step 1: Choose a Treat

We have printables for Churros and Macarons and Cake. Decide which suits your fancy! Maybe all of them!

Step 2: Print a List

Print it out. Print them all out! We have them in ultra-bright brochure-like color, a more printer-friendly version, and coloring pages for all those who just love to color. The coloring page is perfect to pass the time when waiting for dinner or waiting in lines. The kids LOVE this!

TIP: Printing on card stock makes it look and feel professional, and helps it to stay nice.

TIP: Laminate the printable for extra durability. You can laminate it before, or after to make that keepsake last! If you're going to buy this, don't forget to get some laminating sheets.

Step 3: Let's Eat!

Let the Fun begin! Make your way through the parks. As you eat each treat, rate it and color in how many stars you give it.

Do you love stickers? Put a sticker on each treat so you know which have been completed. Make sure to download our custom label stickers to mark the treats.

TIP: Rate with star stickers. These are great and small. A lot of the stickers you'll find will be too large.


Churro List

Download PDF Full Color

Download PDF Printable

Download PDF Coloring Page

Churro Map

Download PDF Full Color

Download PDF Printable

Macaron Cookie Map

Download PDF Full Color

Download PDF Printable

Cake List

Download PDF Full Color

Download PDF Printable

Download PDF Coloring Page 

Share Great Ideas

Take photos with all your treats!

Make a collage with your printables and photos to hang up at home to remember your delicious treat adventure!

Share your experience with us on Instagram @disneytreatz and let us know what you think.


We're happy to be able to share all this with you. Please note that while we sometimes share affiliate links to Amazon with discretion and careful consideration, you should always evaluate before any purchase. No guarantees =)

Essentials For Disneyland Halloween Time 2019

Happy Halloween!

Ol' Sandy Claws has got some tricks for you at the Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure! If you're heading to the parks, then this is the perfect source for some absolute essentials during the big holiday event.

Halloween Time

This is what it's all about right? Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is the big event! You must start here. Go straight to the source and get all the official info, then get super excited and start planning!

Oogie Boogie Bash

The Oogie Boogie Bash event is sold out already 😢 If you didn't get your tickets, there is still plenty to do... consider this extra (it is an extra ticket). Check it out for next year to get an idea of what you might expect. Every year is bigger and better!

If you must ask, "What is Oogie Boogie?"

Foodie Guide

There is only one Official Foodie Guide straight from the Disneyland Resort. It has everything! We printed it out, got a highlighter, marked it up, and made our plan straight from here. Definitely and essential on the list.

Social Media

There is so much noise its sometimes hard to find the best feeds. Check out some of our favorites:
  • @disneyland is the official DLR account which features guest photos.
  • @disneylandfoody delivers a great format focusing on food with photos and video on each post.
  • @disney366_ is arguably one of the biggest fans there is, claiming to have attended DLR every day since 2011.
  • @disneyhungry has quite the appetite and is a good source for food reviews as well.
  • @chipandco is another theme park fanatic with a lot of posts.
  • @diningindisney yet another one focused more on the food side of things.
  • is another good source, but can be a little overwhelming and not so focused on DLR or DCA.

Hope Your Holiday Is Haunted!

We hope you found this list useful! Have fun on your trip!

Stay on the look out for our next post with some super cute treat lists and activities.

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